Laundry line Der Waschkönig has been expanded with more products. This time they are Universal and Color 4,9 l washing gels, which are enough to make to 140 washings.

Gels are easily dissolved in water; they do not leave spots or stains. They effectively wash the fabric from burdensome dirt, and also give the laundry a nice smell. Thanks to their strength they cope with dirt even on short, cost-effective washing programs. The new formula in the gels supports the washing process in cold water and thus helps to protect the fabric from damage (effective at 20 ° C).

Der Waschkönig Gels make the fabric fibres smooth, making the dirt harder to settle on them and the resulting dirt is easier to remove. In addition, they have the means to protect the components of washing machines against corrosion and scaling.

The new gels are available in Universal and Color versions (previously there was also available Der Waschkönig Lavendel Frische Universal at the 4,9 l).