GlanzMeister – an innovative line of washing and cleaning products.

The GlanzMeister brand stands for top-quality products for dishwashing as well as surface cleaning. Their innovative composition means that they can easily compete with the best-known brands on the market. Each product is continuously tested and adapted to current market needs and requirements.

The GlanzMeister brand currently offers the following measures:

  • Platinum line of EcoLabel-certified dishwasher products
  • dishwasher tablets,
  • dishwasher gel,
  • dishwasher rinse aid,
  • dishwasher cleaners (liquid and tablet),
  • dishwasher fresheners,
  • dishwashing liquids,
  • glass cleaning fluids,
  • universal surface cleaners

More products will be added to the range in the near future. GlanzMeister is the perfect choice for those expecting efficiency in the fight against even the toughest dirt.

What makes GlanzMeister products unique?

GlanzMeister’s offer includes high quality detergents and cleaning agents. They are recommended for everyone, who expects effectiveness in removing the toughest stains.

  • Its effectiveness has been proven by many tests.

  • Competitive price in comparison with the most famous brands.
  • The products are constantly improve to meet the market’s needs.
  • Ecology of offered cleaning products.

GlanzMeister – an innovative line of washing and cleaning products