GlanzMeister Platinum dishwasher capsules

The new eco-friendly line of GlanzMeister PLATINUM tablets is the answer to customer needs. Highly active ingredients, self-dissolving film and Ecolabel certification confirming compliance with stringent environmental standards are the most sought-after features among dishwasher products today.

GlanzMeister Platinum dishwasher tablets have 14 features that make them top-of-the-range products:

  • Effectively clean
  • Gives a shine
  • Removes hard-to-remove deposits from coffee, tea
  • They have a salt function
  • Operates already at 35 degrees Celsius
  • No need for prior soaking
  • Biodegradable
  • Neutralise odours
  • Protect permanently decorated vessels
  • Protect cutlery thanks to zinc content
  • Ensures quick drying of dishes
  • Do not corrode the glass
  • Contains active oxygen
  • Protect glass

Packages containing 25 pcs, 45 pcs and 65 pcs are available.