Washing gels Der Waschkönig

Der Waschkönig laundry gels, with their innovative washing formula, dissolve very easily in water and do not leave stains or streaks on the fabric. Thanks to their density and concentrated formula, they are highly efficient – 3.305 litres of gel can do up to 94 washes.

Thanks to their innovative formula, Der Waschkönig gels successfully tackle dirt even on short, economical washing programmes. They are effective already at 20°C!

The special formula makes the fibres of the fabrics smoother during washing, making it harder for dirt to set on them and easier to remove.
The Waschkonig line includes the following laundry gels: Universal, Color, Black, Sensitive and Lavendel Frische.

Also on offer is an absolute novelty – 3 speciality laundry gels from Der Waschkönig!
Each of the 3 unique products is designed for a different type of laundry: black and coloured fabrics, as well as wool and silk clothes. Thanks to the special formulas they contain, they protect fabrics from damage and help maintain their quality and intense colour for longer.

Offered washing gels:

Offered speciality washing gels: