Der Waschkönig Black speciality washing gel

Der Waschkönig Black special washing gel is a product with a new unique formula for washing black clothes. It is not only highly effective but also gentle. It prevents fabric wrinkling and actively protects the intense colours of black clothes. By using Der Waschkönig Black you prevent your clothes from greying and fading, even after many washes. Make your garments retain their original shade for a long time!

Der Waschkönig black fabric washing gel dissolves very easily in water, leaving no stains or streaks. It contains an enzyme complex that allows fabrics to be washed effectively from stubborn dirt. The gel is effective already at 20 degrees Celsius. Thanks to its strength, it can cope with stains even on short, economical washing programmes. It leaves a pleasant and fresh fragrance. And it is highly efficient – a 2 litre pack is enough for up to 67 washes!

Der Waschkönig Black speciality gel is a guarantee of German quality. In its composition, it contains carefully selected active ingredients to remove the most stubborn stains and maintain the quality and intense colour for longer.

A 2 L pack is sufficient for 67 washes.