Washing gel Der Waschkönig Colour

The innovative Der Waschkönig Color washing gel effectively washes, removing stubborn stains even at low temperatures, while protecting the colours of the fabrics, so they stay looking new for longer.

Thanks to its strength, the gel tackles dirt at temperatures as low as 20°C. What’s more, it dissolves very easily in water, leaving no streaks on the washed fabrics. It gives the laundry a delicate but long-lasting and pleasant fragrance.

Thanks to the formula used in Der Waschkönig Color Gel, the fibres of the fabrics are smoothed out during the washing process, making it harder for dirt to set on them and easier to remove any subsequent dirt. The gel contains agents that protect washing machine components against corrosion and limescale build-up.

Washing gel Der Waschkönig Colour 4,9 l

Gels Der Waschkönig Colour are offered in the following bottle’s sizes: