Clovin Germany

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Clovin Germany is a part of Clovin Group, which currently has 9 companies throughout Europe:

  • Clovin S.A. (main production plant)
  • Clovin Baltic
  • Clovin Ukraine
  • Clovin Logistic
  • ClovinNet
  • Trans Clovin
  • Studio Koda s.c.
  • Europe Distribution Group Sp. z o.o.

Clovin Germany is the owner of such brands as: Der Waschkönig, Herr Klee, WäscheMeister, GlanzMeister, as well as WC Meister, which are produced in several plants in Europe. We focus on continuous development and innovation. We are aware of the fact that it is important that the products we sell enjoy the recognition and trust of our customers. We design and compare the quality of our products on a regular basis with German market leaders in such a way as to provide our customers with high-end products at a reasonable price. Following the world trends, we also care about the products from our offer to be effective and ecological. We have our own accounting, legal, commercial and research department. The products are tested in Polish and German laboratories with positive results.

Clovin Germany is responsible for contacts and distribution of the Group’s products in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, which takes place through local distributors and Sales Representatives. The brands belonging to Clovin Germany can be found on many markets in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East, inter alia in Israel, Vietnam, the Czech Republic, Romania, Poland, Slovakia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Russia, Croatia, Austria, Bulgaria, Greece and our plans go even further.

The total production capacity of the whole group is 8 million kilograms of powder products and 4 million litres of liquid products per month. Our company’s products are popular in various corners of the world on five continents. Thanks to twenty years of experience, we create effective products of own brands at the request of retail chains and not only. We offer our partners a comprehensive implementation of the desired product in the field of cleaning products. The quality of our products is monitored and systematically developed by the Quality Management System compliant with the requirements of ISO 9001 standard, and we also have an international BRC certificate developed by the British Retail Consortium, which is required by an increasing group of hyper- and supermarkets throughout Europe.  The standard has been developed to ensure the highest quality of delivered products.

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