Production of a wide range of cleaning products

adjusted to the needs of our Customers

Der Waschkönig

Are you looking for alternatives for most known brands of washing products, and at the same time you want an attractive price, effectiveness and efficiency? Der Waschkönig Is for you!

Herr Klee

Herr Klee brand is not only washing products, but also the whole range of various cleaning products. The brand is for people, who appreciate effectiveness and comfort of the cleaning products, but also care for an affordable price.


WäscheMeister offer includes economically beneficial cleaning products. This is idealfor people, who are looking for savings in home budget!


GlanzMeister is an innovative line of agents intended for dishes washing. The perfect choice for people expecting efficiency in the fight with even the toughest dirt.

WC Meister

WC Meister products are designed for toilet use. They not only remove all residue, but they keep the toilet fresh and bacteria free. It’s the best choice for those, who cherish hygienic cleanliness.