Herr Klee C.G. – cleaning products on which you can rely!

Herr Klee C.G. Brand involves not only washing products, but also the whole range of various cleaning products: dishwashing liquids, products for dishwashers, window and glass cleaners and WC gels. The brand is for people, who appreciate effectiveness and comfort of the cleaning products, but also care for an affordable price.

To meet the expectations of our customers, Herr Klee C.G. continuously expands its offer with new cleaning products. All adjusted to high consumers’ requirements, constantly improved and in accordance with the current market requirements.

All these characteristics and an affordable price causes the fact that you can rely on cleaning products of Herr Klee C.G.

What distinguishes the products of Herr Klee C.G.?

Are you looking for comfortable in use and reliable cleaning products? Do you want an affordable price? Herr Klee C.G. is for you!

  • Effectiveness confirmed by multiple independent tests.
  • Convenient in use – not just in terms of the packaging, but also the method of use or their concentration.
  • Continually improved and adjusted to the current requirements of the market.
  • A wide range of cleaning products is steadily expanded, gaining new consumers.
Herr Klee C.G. - cleaning products on which you can rely!

The line of the products of Herr Klee C.G.