Der Waschkönig – The Washing King is the only one!

Der Waschkönig is a high quality line of washing products. The offer of Der Waschkönig includes: washing powders, gels and capsules, stain removers, fabric conditioners, as well as descaling and cleaning tablets for washing machines. All of the highest quality, at competitive prices in relation to the most popular brands of washing products.

All offered products are environmentally friendly, they do not contain components such as phosphates and zeolite. The washing products of Der Waschkönig do not cause allergy and rinse very well, leaving no stains on washed fabrics.

All these features together with an affordable price make Der Waschkönig To be unique. The Washing King is only one!

What distinguishes the products of Der Waschkönig?

Are you looking for alternatives for most known brands of washing products, and at the same time you want an attractive price, effectiveness and efficiency? Der Waschkönig is for you!

  • Wide range of innovative washing products.

  • Competitive price in relation to the most common brands.

  • Effectiveness confirmed by multiple independent tests.

  • Environmental performance of the offered cleaning products.

Consumer’s trust

Der Waschkönig enjoys very high level of trust among consumers.

Almost 94% people ever using our brand, would recommend it to their relatives.

Der Waschkonig C.G.