Der Waschkönig washing powder

The detergents from Der Waschkönig are products designed to guarantee the highest quality of washing. Efficiency, effectiveness over a wide temperature range, environmentally friendly composition – 0% phosphates and zeolites, dermatological tests and the content of a descaling agent are the main characteristics of the Der Waschkönig line of products.

Products in harmony with nature

  • 45% of the electricity required for production comes from the sun.
  • The production process uses our own wastewater treatment plant and a closed water circuit – we do not create production wastewater.

Der Waschkönig’s line of powders includes the following types: Universal, Color, Sensitive, Gardinen and perfumed limited editions.

The line of Der Waschkönig includes washing powders: Universal, Color, Gardinen and Japanische Blume.

Offered washing powders: