GlanzMeister compressed salt is another professional product of this brand, intended for use in dishwashers. Recently, the offer has been expanded by, among others, rinse aid, as well as dishwasher tablets.

Of the other products available on the market, the GlanzMeister salt is distinguished by an innovative, unprecedented formula with the addition of zinc, as well as a regular shape of the mini cubes. As a result, it not only dissolves easily in water, but also protects the dishwasher and dishes against mineral buildup and deposits, corrosion on metal elements, and also helps to rinse grease.

The product works even in the hardest water and effectively increases washing efficiency. It will make the washed dishes impeccably clean and shiny, significantly reduce the cost of dishwasher use, and increase its lifespan.

The compressed GlanzMeister salt along with other products from this brand is a perfect combination for your savings and convenience.