High quality Herr Klee Alles in 1 capsules for a dishwasher have all the necessary components required for effective washing in a dishwasher.

In addition to flawless clarity and gloss, they will provide your dishes and cutlery with extra protection against corrosion. The detergent removes persistent dirt. The capsules combine the functions of detergent, salt and glossing liquid, providing perfect purity, gloss and no stains on dishes. In addition, they clean a dishwasher from outside deposits. Herr Klee Alles in 1 capsules do not contain phosphates.

The capsules very easy to use and can be an alternative for the most commonly used tablets. Together with other offered by our company agents for dishwashers, they constitute a complete cleaning set that allows both to easily wash dishes, and keep a dishwasher clean, and ensure its maximum performance.

Gel and powder capsules are available as well. One packaging contains 20 capsules.