GlanzMeister is a brand which is well known to thousands of customers with its professional products for dishwashers and manual dishwashing. A brand new, highest quality dishwasher rinse aid has just joined the group of our products!

When using a dishwashing machine, remember to top up the rinse aid. It is a very important ingredient thanks to which our dishes are shiny and free of stains.  However, to be fully satisfied with the effects of washing, it is worth using professional products, so we can be sure that they will fulfill their functions without the slightest problems.

The GlanzMeister brand products are just that. The rinse aid, just like the recently introduced dishwasher tablets, is a top class product. It is distinguished by the 3x Power formula, thanks to which it leaves glassware but also metal (e.g. pots and pans) in a glossy and leak-free condition.  GlanzMeister rinse aid also takes care of the condition of the filter installed in the dishwasher, effectively extending its lifetime.