GlanzMeister dishwasher freshener

After some time of usage, small particles giving an unpleasant smell may be accumulated inside a dishwasher. The odour is the most unpleasant when a washing machine in opened during its work, to add [...]

13 February, 2018|

GlanzMeister compressed dishwasher salt

GlanzMeister compressed salt is another professional product of this brand, intended for use in dishwashers. Recently, the offer has been expanded by, among others, rinse aid, as well as dishwasher tablets. Of the other [...]

1 December, 2017|

Professional GlanzMeister dishwasher rinse aid

GlanzMeister is a brand which is well known to thousands of customers with its professional products for dishwashers and manual dishwashing. A brand new, highest quality dishwasher rinse aid has just joined the group [...]

24 November, 2017|
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