Powder stain remover Der Waschkönig

In addition to the standard laundry detergents and rinse aids from King Laundry, we also offer support in the fight against the toughest stains – Der Waschkönig stain remover powder.

The new generation active formula ensures that the stain remover can tackle even the most stubborn stains. The product can be used either as a powder additive or as a soak-up product for use on particularly tough dirt and dried-on stains.

Der Waschkönig stain remover is suitable for use on both white and coloured fabrics. It does not contain chlorine, making it safe for use on fabrics.

The stain remover is available in a handy, aesthetically pleasing 750 g packaging.

Powder stain remover Der Waschkönig 750 g