Powder stain remover Der Waschkönig C.G.

Next product offered in to Der Waschkönig C.G. line (except washing agents and fabric conditioners) is powder stain remover.

It removes the toughest stains by cleaning deep down in the fibres and prevents them from setting in. An amazing results are guarantee by an active formula of this product (which create new generation of stain removers).

In order to use this product, applied it directly on stain or add to your washing agent.

While using powder stain remover Der Waschkönig C.G., you do not have to worry about your favourite clothes – this product does not contain chlorine, it is safe for use with white and colour fabrics.

Stain remover Der Waschkönig C.G. is offered in handy, aesthetic packaging of 750 g.

Powder stain remover Der Waschkönig C.G. 750 g