Washing powder Der Waschkönig Gardinen

Der Waschkönig Gardinen powder is specially dedicated to washing curtains as well as white linen. It perfectly bleaches and prevents dirt from resettling on washed fabrics. The active ingredients in the formula penetrate deep into the fibres, removing difficult dirt such as that caused by nicotine smoke, dust or grease.

Der Waschkönig Gardinen can also be successfully used for washing other fabrics made of synthetic, mixed or natural fibres. Therefore, it can also handle the washing of tablecloths or white sheets without any problems.

The powder does not contain phosphates or zeolites and is therefore not allergenic or irritating to the skin. It also has a descaling agent, so there is no need for additional descalers. Washing temperature range: 20°C to 60°C.

Der Waschkönig Gardinen is available in a 600 g pack, which is sufficient for up to 10 washes.

Washing powder Der Waschkönig Gardinen 600 g