Der Waschkönig Lavendel Frische Universal washing gel

New, universal Der Waschkönig Lavendel Frische washing gel with a capacity of 5,01 l. Very efficient, since it is sufficient for up to 167 washes.

It is easily soluble in water, leaving no stains. Der Waschkönig gel effectively washes cloths from stubborn stains, as well as provides washed textiles with pleasant, lavender scent. Thanks to its power, it can deal with dirt even when using short, efficient washing programs. A new formula in the gel supports the process of washing in cold water and thus helps to protect fabrics from being destroyed.

The gel makes fabric fibres smooth, and for this reason, it is more difficult to deposit on them dirt, and stains are easier to be removed.

The ingredients of Der Waschkönig Lavendel Frische involve agents protecting washing machine parts against corrosion and scaling. A washing temperature ranges from 20°C to 90°C.