Der Waschkönig Universal washing powder

Der Waschkönig Universal powder is the first and most popular product under the Laundry King brand. Der Waschkönig Universal washing powder, like the entire product line, is characterised by its ruthlessness in stain removal. as well as its very high efficiency.

Der Waschkönig Universal powder has very high stain-removing and colour-restoring properties. It contains a very high proportion of blue granules. In addition, it has an intense, pleasant fragrance and dissolves very well in water.

The powder does not cause sensitisation or irritate the skin. It does not contain phosphates and zeolites – ingredients that are very often responsible for allergies. Der Waschkönig Universal has a decalcifying agent in its composition, so there is no need for additional decalcifiers when washing.

Washing temperature range: 30°C to 95°C.

Proszek do prania Waschkönig Universal 7,5kg

Der Waschkönig C.G. Universal powders are available in the following packs: