Der Waschkönig Color washing powder

We are aware of how important it is that a powder not only removes stains effectively, but also cares for the colours of the laundered fabrics. We have therefore developed Der Waschkönig Color powder. It not only removes stains effectively and is efficient, but also ensures that the fabrics retain their original, intense colour.

The powder has very high stain-removing properties even at low wash temperatures. It contains a very high proportion of red granules. Der Waschkönig Color has a pleasant fragrance and dissolves very well in water.

The powder does not sensitise or irritate the skin. It does not contain phosphates and zeolites (ingredients that are very often responsible for sensitisation). Der Waschkönig Color has a descaling agent in its composition, so there is no need for additional descalers.

Washing temperature range: 30°C to 60°C.

Proszek do prania Waschkönig Color 6,5kg

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