Washing gel Der Waschkönig Black

Der Waschkönig Black washing gel not only removes stubborn stains and dirt, but also protects fabrics against colour loss and keeps them looking new for longer. In addition, it dissolves easily in water, even on short washing programmes, without leaving any streaks. It is effective even at 20°C. It leaves a delicate but long-lasting and pleasant fragrance on fabrics.

Der Waschkönig Black penetrates the fibres and the special protective ingredient it contains cares for the fabric, leaves it soft, pleasant to the touch and makes dark clothes retain their colour longer.

The formula used in the gel makes the fibres of the fabrics smoother, which makes it harder for dirt to settle on them and easier to remove. Der Waschkönig Black is formulated to protect washing machine parts from corrosion and limescale build-up.

The laundry gel is available in packs: 1.625 and 3.305 litres.