Washing gel Der Waschkönig C.G. Black

Der Waschkönig C.G. Black not only removes burdensome stains and dirt, but also protects fabrics from fading, and makes them look beautiful for longer. Gel penetrates into the fibres, its special protective component cares for fabric, leaving it soft and pleasant. It makes dark clothes retain their colour for longer.

The gel is easily soluble in water, even in short washing cycles, leaving no stains. It is effective already at 20°C. It leaves delicate, nice aroma on fabrics.

Thanks to its especially developed formula (smoothening of fabrics’ fibres), the deposition of dirt is shallow (not penetrating deep down the fibres), therefore each next wash is easier and faster. Der Waschkönig C.G. Black contains the agents which assure limescale and corrosion protection.

Der Waschkönig C.G. Black is available in the 1,625 l and 3,375 l bottles.