Washing gel Der Waschkönig Sensitive

Der Waschkönig Sensitive washing gel was specially developed for washing clothes for children and adults with sensitive skin and a tendency to allergies. The fragrance composition and stain removing ingredients contained in the gel have been specially selected to protect sensitive skin.

Der Waschkönig Sensitive effectively washes fabrics from stubborn dirt, even at low temperatures, protecting them from damage – it works even at 20°C! The innovative formula smoothes fabric fibres, making it harder for dirt to set on and easier to remove. The gel contains agents that protect washing machine components against corrosion and limescale build-up.

Does not sensitise or irritate the skin. It does not contain phosphates and zeolites (ingredients that are responsible for sensitisation). Thanks to its consistency, Der Waschkönig Sensitive dissolves very well in water and rinses out of fabrics more easily than powders.

The gel is available in a pack of 1.625 L, which is sufficient for up to 54 washes, and 3.305 L for 110 washes.